About Us

Godson group of companies is a combination of limited liability companies set up to oversee the production and trade of Organic chia seeds in East Africa and the rest of the world. It has expanded to form sub-companies; Chia Organic and Godson commodities Ltd.

Chia Organic was set up to introduce and develop the value chain of the highly sought after Superfood (Chia), as a cash crop for people in Africa (currently in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo-DRC), which will enable rural farmers to participate in nutritional foods value chains in the international market.

Chia Organic Farmers Network works with small-scale Organic-certified farmers in Uganda to produce high-quality Organic Chia, Sesame, Flax, Amaranth, Soya beans, and Quinoa.

Godson Commodities Ltd. was set up to improve farmers’ livelihoods through the promotion of organic farming of nutritional crops (Chia seeds) for the export markets of Europe and USA. It’s corporate, regional distribution headquarters and the processing warehouse are located at Luzira Industrial Park, Kampala.

We exist to transform lives and livelihoods of our people socially and economically by enabling the rural farmers to equitably participate in nutritional foods value chains in the international market.

All our Chia is cleaned to 99.95% purity at our state-of-the-art cleaning factory in Kampala-Uganda. It is then bagged and packaged for consumer use, and distributed to outlets throughout East Africa.

We are dedicated to providing quality Organic Chia Seeds, as nutritional foodstuffs for the commercial food and animal feed industries.

Currently, all our Chia is “grown organically” in our farms (Owned and Leased) and also through our countrywide out-grower farmer network in Uganda and Rwanda.

Our main ambition is to transform Uganda into an organic farming country – “ORGANIC UGANDA.”